About us

Company Policy:

  • It is the undertaking of Vac-Cent Services (Pty) Limited to offer 100% locally manufactured Nash® Liquid Ring vacuum Pumps and Compressors of the highest quality to the various markets it is servicing.
  • We will train all our personnel to ensure that they are competent and confident within their specific fields.
  • We will maintain our ISO9001:2010 Quality System to ensure that all our customers will be confident within their specific fields.
  • That we will serve the community by implementing and maintaining manufacturing procedures that are environmentally friendly.
  • The shareholders equity will be protected, and we will strive to increase their wealth and profitability.

Mission Statement:

  • To manufacture vacuum pumps and compressors of the highest standard, with regard to Total Quality Management.
  • To create a working environment that is safe and where all employees can be developed to their full potential.
  • To be and remain market leaders in our field of expertise.
  • Increase our market share and develop new market areas with existing and new product lines.
  • Reduce our costs with due regard to quality and to supply our products to end users at optimum prices.
  • Create wealth for shareholders and employees by successful implementation of abovementioned.