GD Nash TC/TCM Series

TC/TCM Two Stage Vacuum Pumps
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The NASH TC/TCM liquid ring vacuum pumps are highly reliable and efficient. These pumps, with their integral two stage impeller, are able to condense process vapors and to recover or dispose of the vapors. Another benefit of these pumps is that they can attain vacuum levels down to 0.8" HgA (20mmHgA). This is approximately 40 percent lower absolute pressure than a single stage pump.

Industry Workhorses

NASH liquid ring vacuum pumps produced by Gardner Denver Nash have been known for more than 100 years as tireless workhorses, designed to stand up to the rigorous, nonstop demands of the harshest industrial environments. Built better than industry standards, NASH pumps are known for their reliability.

The TC/TCM pumps are manufactured to ISO 9001:2000 standards and are ATEX compliant. Our commitment to excellence and customer service extends from manufacturing and installation to technical assistance and beyond. Service and distribution centers are located throughout the world, offering quality service and support for Nash products.

Vacuum Technology

The TC/TCM liquid ring vacuum pumps were created for the chemical, petrochemical and power industries as well as other high vacuum applications. They are designed to operate at very low suction pressure levels (less than 10 torr) with low vapor pressure seal liquids. In many applications, this translates into considerable operational savings by reducing the number of stages on hybrid systems. For example, a three stage jet system with glycol as motive and seal liquid can be reduced to a two stage system.

These pumps, with their integral two stage rotors, are able to condense process vapors and to recover or dispose of them. The result is a highly reliable and efficient vacuum pump.